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Team Building 101

Why Connect Games?

Develop Leadership

Create Synergy

Encourage Insight

Cultivate Motivation

Break Barriers

Build Relationships

Looking for something to improve and build your team that doesn’t involve long mandatory meetings, awkward ice-breakers, or broken bones? Look no further. Here at Connect Games Escape Room, we pride ourselves in creating personable and fun experiences that teams love and can’t get enough of!

Between our local escape room and our new mobile game, Communicode, we will be able to help your team cultivate and build strong relationships that wil last long after their experience. 


Escape Room

With the clock ticking down and unsolved challenges abound in our escape-room based off of true local stories, players will quickly rely on each other to use intellectual strengths to solve unique puzzles.

  • 4 - 16 Players
  • 45 Minute Game
  • You come to us!

Communicode Game

This fun, fast paced co-operative mobile game guarantees that every person on the team will participate! As teams race against the clock, players must find the best way to communicate effectively with their team.

  • 3 - 100 Players
  • 45 Minute Game
  • We come to you!

DISC Assessment & Individual Debrief

For an additional $125 per person, our friends from Discover Next Step will work with your team to raise the awareness of your team's communication. This will be administered by a DISC Cerified Human Behavior Consultant and Certified Leadership Coach/Facilitator with The John Maxwell Team. Their goal is to support the culture of growth and overall effectiveness by introducing a simple four step process utilizing the DISC model. Participants will experience a shift in understanding their communication style to communicate more effectively for building greater unity within a team. For more information about this option please email us at escape@connectgames.com.