Team Building, Leadership Development, And More!

Team Building 101

Why Connect Games?

Develop Leadership

Create Synergy

Encourage Insight

Cultivate Motivation

Break Barriers

Build Relationships

Looking for something to improve and build your team that doesn’t involve long mandatory meetings, awkward ice-breakers, or broken bones? Look no further. Here at Connect Games Escape Room, we pride ourselves in creating personable and fun experiences that teams love and can’t get enough of!

With the clock ticking down and unsolved mysteries and challenges abound, our unique experiences give teams the opportunity for communication breakthroughs, successful problem solving, motivating moments, and leadership development. Participants will quickly rely on each other to use intellectual strengths to tackle unique puzzles, cultivating and building strong relationships that will last long after their time here.


  • 8 Player Experience
  • $160
    per event
  • 45 Minute Game
  • + $100 for Personalized Room
  • + $50 for Breakout Session

Personalized Room

With our unique personalization option, you will not only work together as a team to solve puzzles, but you will also get to interactively learn about the people who make up your team! How does this work? We send a questionaire to each team member asking all sorts of fun and random questions. Once we receive this form back from all participants, we are able to integrate these answers into our escape room, making your game a little bit more challenging and personal! (+$100)


Breakout Session

Our "Breakout Session" is a thirty minute debrief of your game. Our facilitator will work with your team to discuss what took place during the game as well as review what was observed. This engages your team to use this new-found information within the workplace so that they are able to become a more effective and efficient team. Your team will also receive one continuing education unit and a certificate from Germanna Community College upon completion of the escape room and breakout session. (+$50)