About Us

Escape Room | Fredericksburg, VA

About Us

Your unique experience will be one for the books! We create all of our own games and puzzles in house. Whether you are with friends, family, or co-workers, your goal is simple; you must work together to solve a challenging puzzle in 45 minutes or less. This includes solving riddles, finding hidden keys, deciphering codes, and working together as a team.

At Connect Games Escape Room, we provide a place for you to enjoy the company of others while challenging you to think outside of the box. It is our goal to give you an unforgettable and incredible experience. You will create fun memories that last a lifetime.

We have one game that changes and depending on who is playing, we can customize the difficulty level. Our games always incorporate local VA history, making your experience one of a kind!

Our Core Beliefs

Have fun and smile.

Whether we're laughing at a mistake we made or laughing with friends and family, life is too short not to be happy!

We Need Each Other.

We know we can’t do it on our own. It’s all about relying on eachothers’ strengths and tackling challenges that come our way.

Growth is essential.

We are all about those communication breakthroughs, motivating moments, and building strong relationships.

Our Story

We are so excited to bring this new and fun experience to Historic Downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. At Connect Games Escape Room, it is our goal to give you and your group an incredible, unforgettable experience. Each of you will create fun memories that last a lifetime.

With a competitive spirit and an endless appetite for excitement and fun, Kristen was hooked the first time she and her family failed miserably at an escape room. Not long after that first experience, Kristen started her escape adventure in Virginia Beach, co-founding and managing Escape Room Virginia Beach and Escape Room Virginia Peninsula.

Moving to Fredericksburg in June 2017 with her fiance, a teacher at Spotsylvania Middle, Kristen wanted to bring the excitement of an escape room to Historic Downtown. After exploring the area and working at the awesome local coffee shop, Agora Downtown, Kristen got to know many local folks and found the perfect location for Connect Games Escape Room in the hear of Fredericksburg - 1011 Caroline Street! With the incredible help of family and friends, she was able to make her dream a reality by creating a local fun space for the community!  It could not have been done without a team full of puzzle makers, creators, engineers, and crazy misfits who all like to have a fun time and want the same for you!